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    Essential for your well being, massage relieves tension and muscular fatigue improving circulation and promoting relaxation. Massage assists in restoring balance encouraging the natural healing processes of your body to take place. LongSpa offers a range of massage styles that can be tailored to a client’s individual needs.


    A traditional style massage using oil with long flowing strokes to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation while calming the nervous system and promoting relaxation.


    A more intense, deep tissue style massage intended to target specific areas of chronic pain, tension and muscle ailments.


    Particularly beneficial for clients with repetitive strain injuries, sciatica and physical fatigue related symptoms.

    Lymphatic Drainage

    This technique promotes the removal of unwanted cellular waste, speeding up the process of toxin and excess fluid removal from within the tissues.  A deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment fortifying the function of the immune system.  This technique may ward off viruses and speeds recovery of the common cold and flu.


    A convenient and therapeutic method of applying pressure to reflex zones, typically on the feet.  This treatment improves energy flow to corresponding organs by stimulating or sedating the reflex points and restoring a sense of balance or deep relaxation. Oil is not traditionally used for this treatment.

    Eastern Cupping

    Traditional eastern methods of using vacuum cups for soft tissue imbalances and muscle fatigue.  This method helps cleanse, tone and soften the skin promoting harmony and fortification of the dermal system.

    Hot Stones

    Diffusing deep seated muscular tension, this is the ultimate thermotherapy treatment to restore balance and promote blissful relaxation

    Aroma Therapy

    Combining therapeutic properties of the purest essential oils and the nurturing flow that massage delivers, this treatment brings harmony to our mental and emotional wellbeing.  This treatment is also served warm.

    Ear Candling

    Thermotherapy for the head and ears promoting relaxation.  Beneficial for symptoms of ear ache, sinus and sore throat, swimmer’s ear, headaches and tinnitus.  


    A whole body massage, nurturing the natural healing processes of your body.  Restores balance in all aspects of ones being.

    Crystal Healing

    Crystals may be selected and used in conjunction with other body treatments, Permeating their healing properties energetically with the client to further enhance and fortify the treatment taking place.

    Theta Healing ®

    One of the most powerful energy healing techniques available.  A meditational process creating physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused intent through the Creator.  Theta healing has no religious affiliation or creed dynamic.


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